What kind of cars you should buy for driving in Thailand when it comes to choices of fuel

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Are you considering buying a car to drive in Thailand? Many people in Thailand want to have their own car as public transportation is not developed much and it gives convenience to go wherever and whenever you want.

One point that you might need to consider is also what kind of car you should have when it comes to choices of fuel. Today in this article we will talk about all 3 types of fuel for cars to consider before deciding which type you should go for when you want to drive a car in Thailand.


Petrol is still a main source of energy for cars in many countries, the same as in Thailand. There are 2 main types of petrol you can use for cars in Thailand which are benzin and diesel. Type of benzene for cars in Thailand is Benzene 95 (has octane 95%), the most stable fuel and the most expensive one as well.

Types of diesel in Thailand contain premium diesel and biodiesel B7, B10 and B20. The numbers refer to the percentage of the biodiesel, the more of the number is, the cheaper and better for the environment.

One more type of petrol is gasohol which is derived from extraction of the ethanol from plants then mixed with benzene including Gasohol 95 (E10), Gasohol 91 (E10), Gasohol E20 and Gasohol E85.


The next option is using gas as fuel which is needed to be filled in a special type of tank. Gas for cars that are used in Thailand as alternative fuel is LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and NGV (Natural Gas Vehicles) or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).

Taxis in Thailand use gas as their main source of energy as it is way cheaper than fuel. Some people also switch to using more and more of Bi-Fuel System (NGV and Benzin) or Dual-fuel system (NGV and and diesel) as well to save cost.


Electric cars are a new option as they are better for the environment and cheaper than the fuel. However, the cost of car and setting up the electrical station at home is high and in Thailand, there are not many electricity stations for cars and one charge at home for 3 hours can be driven normally 120 – 280 kilometres per time. So it may be worrisome for drivers to have sufficient energy when they want to travel further.

Thus, petrol is still a main source of energy for cars in Thailand but people are more considering 2 systems which are both petrol and gas these days as petrol price is way higher than before. An electric car is suitable for those who have a budget for the car itself and electrical station setting up, while they cannot drive far and need to plan well. However, there are some people who consider them for the environment.

Which type of cars you want depends totally on what you prefer. However, to make sure you do not have unexpected high costs on cars, you should definitely have car insurance in Thailand. If you want to save time and energy, you can check out Rabbit Care for car insurance in Thailand, fill in information, click to process and consider all choices from well known companies for car insurance in Thailand at once.