Unique Online In Kind Donation Fundraising For Non Profits

Charities are in dire need of funding since the economic down turn a few years ago. Organizations are finding it harder than ever to bring in charitable donations from their supporters. People are finding it harder than ever to donate to charities when their own financial status is in ruins. There is a new,Guest Posting unique online fundraising service that is allowing people to support their favorite organization without giving away any money!

Online fundraising companies are providing a in-kind donation way for people to support their favorite church, school, or nonprofit organization each time they shop online. People can now sign up their favorite organization to receive these online donations. Companies like GivingJOE.com offer this service for free.

Once an organization is signed up with an fundraising company like GivingJOE, they can generate charitable donations each time a purchase is made online. Each time a member of an organization shops online at over four hundred different merchants, a percent of the total purchase can be donated to the selected organization. This concept has caused thousands of dollars to be raised annually.

A great aspect of the online fundraising programs is that users shopping online usually save money. Online merchants offer savings that aren’t seen in stores, such as free shipping, and quality discounts. The online fundraisers allow for people to save money while they shop and also donate to their favorite organization without taking any more money out of their wallets.

Fundraising companies, like GivingJOE, are redesigning the way the fundraising industry runs and giving nonprofit organizations everywhere a chance to raise much-needed funds. Money raised through online fundraising has doubled and even tripled money raised through traditional nonprofit fundraising events. Fundraising on the Internet is the best new way to raise money, so be sure to sign your organization up today and start earning each time you shop!