Top four kinds of parking area in Thailand


When you enter Thailand, you will be confronted with a plethora of parking options. Each kind has distinct characteristics, advantages, and downsides. The location is also distinct. Parking is one method of assisting automobile engine cooling after a lengthy period of driving. I’d like to list the top four types of auto parking in Thailand that you should be aware of and pick in order to use the services effectively, as follows:

1.      Free parking

          In Thailand, there are several free public parking areas accessible, including gasoline stations, restaurants, and others. However, for a café or restaurant, it is possible to park, but I strongly advise you to purchase some food or desserts as well. There are other parking areas given, such as the parking space near Mhor Chit BTS Station, where people may park for free and are close to Thailand’s Civil Aviation Training Center. It is open from 5:00-1:00.

2.      Free parking but parking card requires

         This type of parking can be found widely such as at the department store. Before parking, you must receive the parking card at the entry. However, you must be careful about the time of parking because many areas in Thailand are only free for the first 2-3 hours. The hours 4,5, and others are 20 Baht per hour. Terminal 21, Robinson Banhrak, and others are examples.

3.      Having a parking fees

           This sort of parking is unpopular since it is costly. However, due of all the free parking lots, it is occasionally essential. Many localities in Thailand collect fees, such as Korean Town, which is located on Sukhumvit in Thailand. You must pay the first 30 baht as a service charge as you drive in. However, if you park for more than two hours, you will be charged 20 baht each hour.

4.      Monthly parking

          There are numerous places in Thailand that provide monthly parking, which is particularly convenient if you want to travel in Thailand solely by public transit, such as the BTS. There are three locations that provide monthly parking and are also near the BTS: Silom Complex (2,300 Baht per month), Thaniya Plaza (1,500 Baht per month), and Liberty Square (2,200 Baht per month).

However, the Mss Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand provides a parking area service named “Park & Ride” for customers who use or do not utilize MRT services. There are four MRT stations in the area, which can hold approximately 4,900 cars: Khlong Bang Phai, Sam Yaek Bang Yai, Bang Rak Noi Tha It, and Yaek Nonthaburi 1 station. For the people who use the MRT, the cost is 10 Baht per two hours. But if you don’t use the MRT, the cost is 20 Baht per hour. Moreover, the monthly parking is only 1,000 Baht.

These are the top four types of car parking in Thailand. However, if you plan to drive a car, I highly recommend you to purchase car insurance in Thiland as well, particularly Rabbit Care since if you car are damaged or lose caused by parking at the public place in Thailand, the insuer will cover you under automobile insurance policy.